Healing Through Counselling: A Client’s Story

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Counselling, EMDR Therapy, Mental Health

On the journey of life, there are moments when the weight of our past becomes too heavy to bear alone. It’s during these times that we must muster the courage to seek out a guiding hand, a voice of empathy amidst the chaos. Today, I invite you to join me on a journey—a journey guided by the heartfelt testimony of one brave soul who found solace and healing through counselling. Katie (not her real name) asked me to share her testimonial in the hope it will encourage others to reach out for support.

A Testimony of Courage and Resilience

“A little over a year ago I found myself googling counsellors. A traumatic and abusive childhood, four years of bullying and sexual harassment at high school and a long term relationship where I had been gaslighted for most of it. I had reached the bottom of a very dark hole, I felt as if I was walking knee deep in mud. For many, many years I had managed to find a way out of the hole, for the first time I couldn’t trust myself to find the ladder. I needed help!!

I found a few Counsellors in my search, one interested me, she looked kind, I liked the reviews. A week later, I was still plucking up the courage to make an appointment. What if she thinks I nuts? How do I tell a stranger aspects of my life I had told no one? Then another gaslighting incident happened, the last straw….. I made an appointment the next day. As fate would have it, for that very afternoon. I nearly cancelled twice. Thank goodness I didn’t, Honni Hayton had the ladder.

Have you had one of those moments when you meet someone and you feel welcome and safe. That is how I felt with Honni, her kind, calm, friendly and yet professional manner disarmed the lock to the thick wall of protection I had been building for over 50 years. Honni’s counselling space has lovely views of the surrounding countryside.

I worked with Honni using both talk therapy and EMDR. It was with EMDR that I found huge benefits, just incredible how the process works. Honni is a wonderful practitioner guiding me through some very difficult traumatic events. I put in the hard work, to face the difficult events that had, at times, defined and almost destroyed me.

It’s never too late to take back your life, find your voice and offload other people’s rubbish opinions and actions you have been carrying around. There is no quick fix, it takes determination and a willingness to trust the process. The rewards are worth the effort.

I’d like to share some of the outcome of my experience. I found my voice, my self worth and self respect. I have removed toxic people and situations from my life. Relationships that had previously caused me stress, pain and eroded my sense of self have been redefined and clear boundaries put in place. If my boundaries are ignored, I speak up and reinforce what I will and will not tolerate. I now say no a lot more and don’t feel the need to explain why. I have freed up so much brain space now my head is not full of other the effects of trauma. My sense of taste, smell and sight have been enhanced, I didn’t notice this for a while. I’m no longer numb. It’s okay to feel.

In a nutshell, Honni (and she won’t like me saying this ) saved me. Talking to someone kind in a safe space was incredibly freeing. EMDR was very effective, under Honni’s direction I re-framed a lifetime of hurts and trauma.

You have the right to a happy, safe and peaceful life. If you are considering counselling please take the leap. Contact a counsellor, find one you are comfortable with. I found Honni.”

In the tapestry of life, amidst the threads of pain and suffering, there are moments of profound healing and renewal. The testimony of one courageous individual serves as a beacon of hope—a testament to the transformative power of healing through counselling.

To those who find themselves at the crossroads of despair, contemplating the leap towards healing, let this testimony be a guiding light—a reminder that it’s never too late to rewrite the narrative of your life, to reclaim your sense of self, and to embrace the journey towards healing and wholeness.

Remember you are not alone. Your story matters, and healing is within reach. Embrace the journey, for amidst the shadows of despair, there lies the promise of hope, renewal, and the transformative power of healing through counselling.

Honni Hayton Counselling offers a sanctuary of healing and support. If you resonate with this journey and seek guidance on your path towards healing, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your journey towards healing begins today. Read more about the counselling services Honni provides here.  And book a counselling session with Honni Hayton Counselling here. 

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