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Marriage Preparation Course

A 6-module course for engaged and newly-wed couples

Empowering you with the essential tools, communication strategies, and relationship-building skills you need for a healthy and lasting marriage – so that you can feel confident, connected, and excited about spending your lifetime together.

Without the skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate relationship challenges, you’ll struggle to build a strong, lasting partnership.

As an experienced Relationship Counsellor, I often speak to couples who tell me they wish they had known how to better:

Communicate openly and regularly

Prioritise quality time together

Prevent conflicts around finances

Support each other’s individual goals

Nurture their relationship effectively

And even though they want to do all these things, by the time they’re speaking with me, it’s often too late to save what’s left of their damaged and broken relationship.

Which is incredibly sad, because they once had a loving and committed partnership that they thought would last forever.

But here’s what they didn’t realise…

In Person Pre Marriage Counselling

Regrettably, engaged couples often underestimate the importance of strengthening their relationship before marriage, assuming their bond is unbreakable.

Couples Therapy Counselling in Scenic Rim

This misconception leaves them underprepared for the challenges that inevitably arise in marriage.

The thing is…

While some couples navigate these challenges successfully, others miss out on the lifetime of love and happiness that a healthy marriage offers.

However, by acquiring essential tools, communication strategies, and relationship-building skills, you can approach marriage with confidence, connection, and excitement for a lasting partnership.

Regardless of the duration of your relationship, whether it’s been a long journey or a shorter connection…

If you don’t think that you need to prepare and strengthen your relationship before you get married, it may be because you’ve been led to believe one of these three common myths about marriage:

Myth #1: You already have so much in common and will always enjoy doing everything together.
Having common interests is great, but thinking you should always agree and do everything together oversimplifies what makes a relationship healthy. Embracing each other's uniqueness and navigating differences can actually make your connection stronger and more resilient.

Myth #2: You love each other deeply and have an amazing physical connection, and believe that will never change.

Although emotional connection and intimacy matter, they alone don't ensure a lasting marriage. A strong relationship needs ongoing effort, good communication, and skills to handle challenges, ensuring your love grows stronger over time.

Myth #3: Your communication will improve once you’re married because you’ll have more time for each other.

Communication issues often lead to conflict in a relationship. However, getting married won't automatically solve this problem. Learning how to effectively listen and ‘fight fair’ before marriage builds a stronger foundation for a lasting partnership.

Acknowledging these realities is the first step to a strong and lasting marriage. Healthy conflict is natural and can be an opportunity for growth. Recognising that your relationship will evolve over time is key to staying connected on your journey.

I want you to know that you can experience the deep connection, beautiful compatibility and effective communication you deserve in your marriage.

*A connection that binds you together in a way that transcends words, allowing you to share your joys and sorrows, dreams and fears, and all the beautiful moments in between.

*An understanding of your compatibility so that you can navigate life’s challenges and changes as a united team, appreciating each other’s unique strengths and quirks.

*Ability to communicate in a way that fosters empathy and cooperation, where your conversations become bridges of understanding rather than barriers.

Importantly, when you have the essential tools, communication strategies and relationship-building skills you need for a healthy and happy marriage, you can feel confident, connected and excited about spending your lifetime together.

Your journey towards a lifetime of love and happiness begins here.

Couples Marriage Course

Building a Love That Lasts: Riley and Alex’s

Meet Riley and Alex, a loving couple on the cusp of marriage who were deeply in love.

But as their wedding day approached, they started to feel the weight of unanswered questions and unresolved conflicts and recognised that love alone might not be enough to sustain a strong and lasting marriage.

So, they decided to enrol in the HHC Marriage Preparation Course with an eagerness to understand each other better and develop the essential skills to build a lasting partnership.

In doing so, they discovered that:


Their differences were not roadblocks but rather opportunities for growth. They learned to communicate effectively, respecting each other’s unique perspectives and values.


When they learnt the art of fighting fair, they turn conflicts into opportunities that will strengthen their connection and enable them to navigate any challenge together.


They were not only compatible life partners but also best friends who have the tools and skills they acquired in the course to ensure their love remains strong and their partnership grows even more beautiful with each passing day.

As their wedding day arrived, Riley and Alex stood not only as a loving couple but were also well-equipped to nurture their connection, enhance their compatibility and communicate effectively, ensuring their marriage was built on a solid and lasting foundation.

Riley and Alex’s story is a testament to the transformative power of preparation and the strength of love when nurtured the right way.

They are living proof that with the right foundation, a marriage can be an enduring and joyful adventure. And it’s 100% possible for your relationship too!


The HHC Marriage Preparation Course

A 6-module course that empowers engaged couples with the essential tools, communication strategies and relationship-building skills you need for a healthy and lasting marriage – so that you can feel confident, connected and excited about spending your lifetime together .

Honni’s Marriage Preparation Course helped us to strengthen the foundations of the relationship that we had built. It helped us to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and equipped us to accommodate these needs.

It was comforting to have an impartial third party to assist us with confronting our differences, enhancing our relationship’s strengths, and preparing us for both the challenges and rewards of married life.

From our experience, we believe that  a marriage preparation course is essential for any couple considering taking that next step.

We continue to use the skills we developed in sessions each and every day!

♥ Lisa (20) and Dale (20)

online marriage preparation course

Here’s What We Cover in the Course

The course includes 6 self-paced online modules and a comprehensive digital workbook, where you’ll learn my special 3-Part Framework to Everlasting Love. Here’s a sneak peek into the course content:

Build a Solid Connection

The Essence of a Healthy Relationship

Discover the fundamental elements that create a healthy and thriving partnership so that you can lay the foundations for a strong and resilient relationship.
Discuss the areas where you appreciate each other’s relationship efforts and openly and honestly talk about what you would like to work on together.
Learn the 12 Aspects of a Healthy Relationship to be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of essential elements for a thriving partnership.

Envision your Married Life

Step into the future as you individually articulate the vision for your married life and get clarity about how well your shared goals, values, and ambitions align.
Find common ground and set goals for your marriage while discussing how you can also be supportive of each other’s individual goals.
Explore common beliefs about marriage and dispel any relationship myths that may cloud your expectations or be unrealistic.

Unlock your Compatibility Potential

Embracing Differences

Discover each other’s personality type so that you can appreciate each other’s uniqueness, embrace your differences, and feel even closer to each other.
Learn about the differences between male and female brains! (yes, they are different under the microscope!) to reduce misunderstandings and foster greater understanding and patience.
Complete the 5 Love language Quiz so that you can enhance your relationship, where both partners feel heard, valued, and understood.

Nurturing Connection: Sex and Intimacy

Differentiate between physical and emotional intimacy so that you can cultivate a deeper and more meaningful connection with your partner.
Understand common problems in achieving true intimacy, and how to overcome them so that you stay lovers and not just housemates.
Gain practical can-do strategies for keeping the passion alive in your relationship long after the honeymoon!

Master the Art of Effective Communication

Resolving Conflict with Conversation

Complete the “How Well Do I Listen Quiz”, then learn how to improve so that you can truly listen to your partner, avoiding misunderstandings.
Learn how to ‘fight fair’ so that you’re not afraid to have the hard conversations and can be confident about resolving conflicts with a win/win outcome each time.
Master the art of listening and responding well in all types of interactions, so that you both feel heard and understood.

Managing Shared Finances

Ask each other the “6 Key Questions About Money” to kickstart the lifelong discussions you need to have to manage your finances as a team, so that money problems don’t ruin your relationship.
Learn what your attitude to money is, so that you can understand how each other makes, spends and saves money so that money isn’t a stress for you both.
Clarify your financial goals as a couple and learn how SMART Goal Setting can take the guess work out of managing your shared finances so you’re both on the same page.




Mastering the Dynamics of a Blended Family

Building Harmony in 2nd or 3rd Marriage

Tackle the unique challenges specific to second or third marriages gaining insights and strategies to navigate the complexities that often accompany remarriage.
Gain the skills necessary to build a successful blended family, with understanding and love.
Ask each other the “10 Essential Questions” for 2nd and 3rd marriages in a safe supportive environment to help minimise the issues.
Ask each other the “6 Key Questions About Money” to kickstart the lifelong discussions you need to have to manage your finances as a team, so that money problems don’t ruin your relationship.
Learn what your attitude to money is, so that you can understand how each other makes, spends and saves money so that money isn’t a stress for you both.
Clarify your financial goals as a couple and learn how SMART Goal Setting can take the guess work out of managing your shared finances so you’re both on the same page.

Enrol in the HHC Marriage Preparation Course and transform your love story into a lifelong adventure built on connection, compatibility, and communication. 

Preparing for marriage doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or hard. It can be an exciting and joyful process.

With the right support and resources, you can embark on this journey feeling confident and well-prepared for a lifetime of love and happiness. The HHC Marriage Preparation Course is your comprehensive guide to building a strong, lasting marriage, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the beautiful adventure that lies ahead.

And because I want you to build a solid connection and understanding of your compatibility, I’m also including two special bonuses:
Relationship Quiz

“How Healthy is Your Relationship” Quiz to gauge the current state of your partnership gaining valuable insights to your relationship.

Personality Test quiz

Personality Quiz that helps you discover your unique personality types to deepen your understanding of each other

Here’s what’s included:

The HHC Marriage Preparation Course is designed to equip you with all the essential tools for a successful and lasting marriage. Here’s what’s included:

Online self-paced course with 6 comprehensive modules to guide you through the journey.

A comprehensive digital workbook covering each topic, providing you with valuable insights and guidance and reflection questions for each module, encouraging introspection and meaningful discussions.

BONUS: A “How Healthy is Your Relationship” Quiz to gauge the current state of your partnership.

BONUS: Couples quizzes that help you discover your unique personality types and love languages, deepening your understanding of each other.

OPTIONAL BONUS MODULE: Tailored for those embarking on their second or third marriages, addressing unique challenges and essential questions.

online marriage preparation course
There are two ways to experience the course:
Online marriage course


The first option includes the entirely online, self-paced course, allowing you to learn at your convenience.

Online marriage course with personal counselling


The second option offers the online course, supplemented with 2 x 1-hour personalised couples coaching sessions with a qualified relationship counsellor. These sessions are scheduled at a time that suits you, providing additional support and guidance tailored to your unique relationship needs.

Still wondering if the Marriage Preparation Course is right for you?

This course is NOT for you if:

You’re seeking a tick-the-box type of course that provides superficial, one-size-fits-all solutions.

You believe that marriage is easy and doesn’t require effort, commitment, and more than just love to make it work.

You’re in search of a religious course; our program is non-denominational and focuses on universal principles.

You think that things will remain the same after you get married and don’t believe that you need to be prepared for any relationship changes that will evolve over time.

You’re looking for relationship therapy; this course is specifically designed for preparing for marriage, not addressing existing relationship issues.

But this course IS FOR you if:

You’re an engaged, or about to be engaged, couple who dreams of a long and lasting marriage, and you’re ready to put in the effort to make it happen.

You’re a couple who values a safe and open space for honest conversations that enhance your relationship and overall happiness.

You come from different backgrounds and recognise the importance of learning how to navigate the unique challenges it may bring, creating a harmonious partnership.

You’ve only known each other for a short time before getting engaged, and want a deeper understanding of each other’s unique strengths, quirks, and values.

You’ve already been living together, and while comfortable, you want to discover how to keep the spark alive and continue growing in your love story.

You’re getting married for the second time and want to ensure that this marriage is built to last, avoiding the pain of divorce. As well as the standard 6 modules, there is a bonus module just for those who are embarking on their 2nd or 3rd marriage! Getting remarried brings extra issues, and the course outlines the important questions to ask and things to consider!

What couples have said about the Marriage Preparation Course:

We loved the course! It opened up conversations for us to discuss in preparation for possible engagement. It covered aspects that all couples should explore before marriage but can be difficult to remember or recognise while in the honeymoon phase of a relationship!

The course allowed us to uncover topics that will help us navigate any future conflicts and obstacles that are inevitably going to come later down that track.

We learnt the importance of communication through strategies such as active listening, as well as the many other tools HHC outlines through the modules.

We feel much more confident in where we are at as a couple and where we are headed with our future!

Grace & Josh

The marriage preparation course gave my partner and I a safe space to talk and learn about ourselves and each other.

I feel I am more accepting of myself, my partner and our relationship. I can now let go of the unrealistic expectations I once had for my relationship. I can love and accept it for what it is.

Honni was so supportive and understanding and made us feel understood and seen as a couple where we are on our journey.

Thankyou Honni for creating this course and for taking the time to help others learn to be their true selves, to cultivate healthy relationships and love life.

Brook & Taylor

My Fiancé, Ken and I were really struggling with the ‘blended families’ situation, especially around my two stepsons aged 11 and 14 and we needed some guidance around parenting, as we were on different pages when it came to this particular issue.

We realised we needed some extra help, so we went to see Honni, and she assisted us with strategies and tools to work together so we achieved good outcomes. From time to time we often reflect on them so that we stay focused in dealing with the day to day challenges.

Thank you Honni your experience and knowledge help to guide us in a time where we needed professional assistance in dealing with our somewhat unique situation. We are forever grateful.

Ken (53) and Karen (51)

Honni Hayton – Relationship Counsellor

Hi, I’m Honni, your dedicated relationship counsellor, offering professional insights to guide you through the essential aspects of preparing for marriage. Drawing on my experience in assisting couples through crises, I’ve crafted a “3-Part Framework to Everlasting Love”, specifically tailored for engaged and newlywed couples. It’s all about Connection, Compatibility, and Communication.

My commitment goes beyond theory; it’s a heartfelt dedication to empowering couples like you. The “3-Part Framework to Everlasting Love” is at the heart of my Marriage Preparation Course. This course is no one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a personalised guide simplifying the daunting task of preparing for marriage into actionable steps designed for your unique relationship.

Enrolling in this course means gaining more than just information; it means gaining a partner—me. I’m dedicated to your success and happiness during this crucial phase.

On a personal note, I’ve been married to Tony for 30 years, so I know how much work goes into a long term relationship. Tony and I intentionally work on our connection every day, learning valuable lessons along the way. And our relationship just keeps getting better!

I’m thrilled to be part of your journey toward a strong and thriving partnership. Ready to take the first step? Click below to access the course and embark on your journey to a loving, fulfilling partnership.

Warm regards,


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Marriage Preparation Course take?

Each module will take around 20 minutes to watch, and you’ll also need to allow 30 – 60 minutes to reflect and work through the workbook.

Most couples focus on one module per week and complete the online course in about 6 weeks.

But you can move through the content in a shorter amount of time, or take as much time as needed to absorb the content and apply it to your relationship.

Is this course suitable for both engaged couples and those who have are in a long-term relationship?

Absolutely! Our course is designed to benefit both engaged couples preparing for marriage and those in long-term relationships.

The principles of effective communication, relationship-building, and conflict resolution are universally applicable, regardless of your relationship stage

How do I access the course materials?

Upon enrolment, you’ll receive login credentials to our online platform, where you can access all course materials and the digital workbook.

You will retain lifetime course access to the materials, so you can also refer back to them at any time you need to.

Do we take this course as a couple, or do we do it individually?

The course is specifically designed for couples, and we encourage you to go through it together. Learning and applying the content as a team allows for a deeper understanding and shared growth, enhancing your connection.

What happens if we need additional support beyond the course?

I understand that each relationship is unique, and sometimes additional support is needed. You have the option to book extra one-on-one counselling sessions with me, Honni. I’m here to help you build a strong and lasting partnership.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course, workbook, and bonus guides – where you can immediately download all of the training – refunds are not available.

Does completing a Marriage Preparation course really strengthen a marriage?

Studies reveal that premarital counselling is an effective tool to use as you begin your married life. Researchers have discovered that it is a helpful way to improve your communication and conflict management skills while increasing your overall relationship quality and satisfaction.

Couples who engage in premarital counselling have a more realistic view of marriage and a deeper level of commitment to each other. These couples reported having an easier adjustment to married life than those who didn’t participate in premarital counselling.

What happens in the Couples Counselling Sessions?

The Counselling Sessions are personalised for you as a couple, so you can discuss the Modules you have completed in the course and anything else you want to discuss.

The sessions are fun, engaging and designed to help you as a couple get to know each other better and equip you with the tools for a long lasting marriage.

You can always purchase extra couple counselling sessions if you wish to.

Is the HHC Marriage Preparation Course for younger or older couples?

BOTH! No matter how old you are, this course will help you prepare for your marriage. Couples young and old have gained new insights about themselves, their fiancé and their relationship with this course. And no matter how old you are…there is always something extra to learn.

Can I give the HHC Marriage Preparation Course to a Couple as a gift?

What a wonderful idea, and yes you can!

The most flexible option would be to buy a gift voucher to the amount you would like to gift the happy couple and then they can choose the package that suits them.

Extra couple coaching sessions can always be purchased as desired. Please contact Honni for more information about gift vouchers.

Have another question that isn’t answered here?…. That’s no worries! Please email me at contact@honnihaytoncounselling.com.au with your question and I’ll get straight back to you.