Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
(EMDR Therapy)

Who I provide EMDR Counselling for:

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful and effective therapy helping many people overcome past trauma in their life. EMDR can help you to let go of past events that obstruct your thinking.
 Click here to watch a short animation about EMDR.

What EMDR can help with: 

Unprocessed trauma can cause people to have issues in their life such as:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Low self esteem

My EMDR Approach:

Together, we explore your present life circumstances and develop strategies for achieving the future you want. In appropriate circumstances, EMDR Therapy may help you achieve your goals.

During EMDR, carefully chosen target memories are selected for re-processing, by simulating eye movements.

After processing, the memories are not forgotten but they no longer have a negative impact on your life. You can read more about EMDR and how it can help you here in my blog.

This counselling service is available in person and online.

EMDR Therapy – Georgia’s Story

Georgia had been in a relationship with a man who continually put her down with criticism and name calling. His drinking had increased, and he had cheated on her several times. She had taken him back each time in the hope that this time he would treat her right and stay faithful. Then she found out she was pregnant.

Georgia’s partner didn’t want the baby and pressured her to have an abortion. When she refused, he kicked her out of their apartment, and she went to live with her parents again. After the baby was born her partner convinced her to go back to him and because she wanted her baby boy to have his dad in his life, she went back. The drinking, verbal abuse and cheating continued but Georgia stayed, always hoping it would improve. In fact, it got worse and one night he even brought another woman home to their bed and raged at Georgia when she protested.

Read how EMDR counselling helped Georgia

It has made a huge impact on my life

It has been nearly 12 months since finishing EMDR therapy method with Honni and it has made a huge impact on my life, I highly recommend it to anyone. In my opinion, anyone who has been the victim of trauma should be participating in this therapy method. It works.


I really believe in the EMDR process

 I find it works fast and well, feeling different and results very quickly. I’m always surprised what I discover about myself that I was not aware I was feeling. Honni is professional, kind, skilled and intuitive in supporting my process. I have been to counselling for decades and I have found this to be the most effective way to healing and leading a better life.