Imagine if YOU could Finally Live a Life of
Purpose, Freedom & Happiness…
without feeling Guilty!

Well, now you can!

With my proven:

Empowering You Program

Hi Lovely! I see you and I get you! Now let me ask you..

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and unsatisfied in relationships?
  • Are you a dependable woman who’s tired of putting on a happy face for everyone else?
  • Do you feel like you’re putting everyone else’s needs above your own, only to end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and alone?
  • Perhaps you’re just not coping with the mental load you’re expected to carry for everyone else?
    I get it. You want your life to change and to feel happy, but you’re not sure where to start.
    And rest assured, you’re not going crazy!
    You just need the right steps to take back your power, and feel great again.

With the right guidance and support it’s totally possible.

The Empowering You Program is a 6-month program designed to equip you with the tools to make lasting changes in your life, with the support and encouragement of a qualified counsellor with you, every step of the way.

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Imagine how it would feel to…

Be happy and feel appreciated in your relationships

Be free from anxious thoughts

Be content and happy with what you have

Be able to say no and not feel guilty

Be confident and comfortable in your own skin

Make confident decisions

Have more energy and enjoy life

Confidently speak your truth

With the right support and counselling it is entirely possible!

Here’s why I do what I do…

Feeling frustrated with life

I know how it feels to…

Feel stressed about life's demands

Be underappreciated and taken advantage of

Lose sight of your dreams

Be hurt by those you love

Experience self-doubt and be unable to make a decision

Be confused and lose direction

I also know how it feels to…

Take back your power and be in control

Have healthy boundaries with others

Experience happy and healthy relationships

Be confident and comfortable in your own skin

Be free from negative self-talk

Have a future you look forward to

teaching women to take back control

Now It’s Your Turn.

Are you:

Sick of doing the same thing and getting the same result?

Wanting to wake up full of energy to face the day ahead?

Ready to feel more in control and at peace about life?

Needing to feel more appreciated in your relationships?

Ready to start your journey in a non-judgemental and supportive environment?

I’m 100% committed to helping you achieve a guilt-free life of purpose, freedom and happiness.

Here’s what real women are really saying

 “I’m so refreshed and full of affirmation for where I am at in my journey of life. I love the possibilities of change ahead.

I’m grateful to have worked on areas that were important to me with Honni.

I’m holding my head higher, I’m less judgemental of myself.”

♥ Anna

Mum of 3, Lover of Life and Adventure

“Honni, I really appreciate the safe space you create and the fact that I can talk about any aspect of my life and that you will know where to start to help me make sense of it.

I can feel the changes in myself from the exercises we’ve done together that I can take away and practice in my life. Thank you!” 

♥ Alison

Writer, Gardener, Dog Lover

“Honni, you’re a treasure. Thank you for your gentle approach. I’ve learnt so much about myself. I’m seeing changes, I’m liking me, I want to be my friend. I’ve gained awareness in so many areas.

I’m now being more authentic, improving my relationships, making spirituality a priority and respecting my body.”

♥ Debbie-Lee

Teacher, Mum, Artist

“Working with Honni has changed my life. I’m now more confident, I know what I want and I’m not afraid to go out and get it. I no longer have all those faulty thoughts clouding my thinking and holding me back.

Working with Honni felt just like I was talking with a close friend. She made me feel so comfortable and heard and she helped me to see where I was getting in my own way.”

♥ Erin

Mum, Dietitian, Gardener

The 6-month Empowering You Program Includes:

Holistic Mental Health Assessments

Supportive 1-to-1 Counselling Sessions

Eight Online Learning Modules:

  • Module 1: Discovering 5 STEPS to Empowerment
  • Module 2: Setting Goals
  • Module 3: Building Heathy Relationships
  • Module 4: Letting Go of Unhelpful Thinking
  • Module 5: Feeling Good About Yourself
  • Module 6: Optimising Your Health
  • Module 7: Finding Meaning & Purpose In Life
  • Module 8: Planning For Your future

Educational Resources & Workbooks

Personal Email Support (VIP only)

Empowering You Program Inclusions

Here’s how we can work together:

Honni Hayton Empowering Women Program

A letter from your counsellor

Honni Hayton

If you’re a busy, modern woman, you know what it feels like to be pulled in a hundred different directions. Your days seem to be full of so many demands that you barely get time to breathe. You’ve tried working harder, drinking more and ranting to the family, but nothing seems to change. And at the end of the day you fall into bed wondering what’s it all about?

As a busy working mum, I know what it feels like to keep everyone else happy but leave myself at the bottom of the priority list.

You can do it for a while, but in the end, it catches up with you. You end up feeling stressed, exhausted and unable to cope. And then comes the guilt… aren’t I supposed to be able to do it all? To have it all. And be happy??

As a counsellor I have talked to, and listened to, hundreds of women, just like you. You know you need do something, and you know you can’t go on like this. But you just don’t know where to turn. And you continually ask yourself…is there another way??

Well, the answer is YES!

After providing individual counselling sessions for women, I know what works, and what doesn’t, to bring real and lasting changes to your life.

I know that women don’t need to just talk about their problems. They also need a road map with clear and easy STEPS.

And they don’t want to do it alone . They want a caring, supportive guide to support them on every step of the journey.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to finding more time, more energy, and more peace for your life, then the Empowering You Program is the perfect fit.

I’ll be there with you, every step of the way, to ensure you don’t lose sight of your dreams and what you want to get out of life.

Talk Soon, Honni x

Ready to be Empowered?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How do I know if I’ll be a good fit for the Empowering You Program?

Choosing the right person to help you on your journey of self-discovery is very important. You need to feel comfortable and connected with them. That’s why I offer a FREE discovery call before you sign up, so you can ask any questions and feel comfortable about your investment.

Who’s the program for?

The Empowering You Program is for any women ready to make lasting changes to her life. In the program you will receive the support, guidance and encouragement to take the steps to live the life you truly want.

What are your qualifications, and what makes you an expert?

I am a qualified and registered counsellor working in Private Practice.

I am registered with PACFA.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women like you and am passionate about empowering you to live your best life.  I have personally heard the struggles of the modern woman, and have developed the Empowering You Program specifically for you.

Why Is The program 6 Months?

I am very proud of the Empowering You program, and feel it is my best work yet! I spent a lot of time creating and developing it to be a perfect fit for women just like you. The Empowering You Program  takes you step by step to finding more time, more energy and more peace for your life.

Change is a process. And growth takes time. I have designed this program to cover 6 months, to allow time to expore your life holistically and implement the strategies you need to to have the lasting changes you yearn for.

How will I fit the program into my busy life?

As a busy working mum myself, I know what it’s like to think you just can’t fit another thing into your life! That’s why I desigened the Empowering You program to fit into your busy lifestyle.

It has self-paced online learning modules that you do in your own time. And the counselling sessions are scheduled fortnighly which allows you time for the homework.

And the program is flexible and personalised so that you always feel comfortable with the pace.

This is not just another course you sign up for and never do. It’s a life changing program designed to help you achieve your goals.

Can I contact you between sessions for support?

The VIP program option provides access to me via unlimited email support to answer any questions or concerns you might have between sessions.

How is the content delivered?

The Empowering You Program is delivered via the website Teachable. The 8 modules are all self-paced. Once enrolled in the Program, you will have full access to all the materials for 12 months.

With the VIP Program you will also have fortnightly sessions with me for support and encouragement on your journey. The Essential Program has monthly sessions available.

What are the modules in the Empowering You Program?

Empowering You Program Modules
The Empowering You Program Modules:

Module 1: Getting Empowered the 5 STEPS Way.
-What is holistic self care and how it can change your life for the better.

Module 2: Goal setting
-Telling Your Story
-Setting Your Goals

Module 3: STEP 1: SOCIALLY: Building Healthy Relationships
– What is assertive communication and why do I need it?
– How to set healthy boundaries for a life of freedom
– BONUS: -The 10 myths of forgiveness
– How to know if you are in an abusive relationship

Module 4: STEP 2: THINKING: Letting go of unhelpful thinking.
– What is anxiety and how to manage it
– What is depression and how to overcome it
– How to manage stress before burnout
BONUS: Getting rid of inappropriate guilt

Module 5: STEP 3: EMOTIONALLY: Feeling good about yourself.
– How to be resilient
– What is my locus of control?
BONUS: The 8 stages of Grief

Module 6: STEP 4: PHYSICALLY: Optimising Your health
– How to care for your body
– Eating healthy – myths and legends
– Why adequate sleep is integral to good health
– Overcoming blockers to Physical Self Care
BONUS: Health checklist for your age

Module 7: STEP 5: SPIRITUALLY: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life.
– Honouring your spiritual side
– Journaling for peace
– Practising Mindfulness
BONUS: Answering the BIG questions in life

Module 8: Planning For your Future
– What steps to take for a future to be excited about.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay for the course on a monthly payment plan.

The Essentials program has a Once-off Payment of $995

Or 6 monthly payments of $200

The VIP program has a Once-off Payment of $1,995

Or 6 monthly payments of $380

Is it worth the investment?

YOU are worth the investment!

Often women feel like they have to do it all alone; that they have to work it out by themselves. And they often feel guilty about spending money on themselves.

But the truth is, there are times when investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.

Just think where you would like to be in six months, living your BEST life…now that’s worth investing in!

Empowering You

is  a personalised program that gives you the STEPS and confidence to live a life of freedom, purpose and happiness.

Ready to get started?