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Honni Hayton Counselling

Enjoy easily accessible and personalised counselling in-person and online.

A Balanced & Peaceful Life Can Be Yours

Enjoy greater confidence, better health, clearer thinking, healthier relationships and a sense of purpose with quality in-person and online counselling.

Honni Hayton Counselling also offers EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing) to help people overcome past trauma in their life, break free of “scripting” that holds them back and bring healing and stabilisation.

Feel confident, enjoy a balanced life and create stronger connections with those you love.

Boonah Counselling Service with Country Charm

A Safe Place to Relax & Share Confidentially

My counselling room based in Boonah in the beautiful Scenic Rim offers a charming and relaxing place that is safe, private and comfortable.

With complimentary tea and water, and personalised one-to-one care our time together will remain uninterrupted and confidential.

In-Person and Online Counselling

Your in-person appointments will take place in our relaxing and private Boonah office. Our online counselling sessions are held online via Zoom in the privacy and comfort of your preferred location. Online counselling sessions can be held on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Client in Online Counselling Session with Honni Hayton

What do you want most out of life?

My guess is, that instead of a ‘happily ever after’, what you really want is to know how to handle life’s natural ups and downs. You want to feel confident, enjoy a balanced life and connect with those you love. But with all the stresses of modern life, and the uncertain times of recent years, my guess is, this is becoming harder than ever for you.

I can help you.

My passion is to help stressed-out, guilt-ridden women, go from feeling overwhelmed by life’s never-ending demands, to feeling in control of their life! If this sounds like you – please, get in touch.

Honni Hayton Counselling and Therapy Services

Honni explaining the Holistic Counselling Framework

Holistic Counselling

Achieve emotional wellbeing, self-awareness and positive personal growth Holistic Counselling and my STEPS framework for intentional self-care. The letters in STEPS are for Social, Thinking, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

Learn more about Holistic Counselling

Brisbane EMDR Therapy Session

EMDR Therapy

With EMDR Therapy you can let go of past events that obstruct your thinking and create strategies for the future you want. Reprocessing unhelpful memories means they will no longer have such a negative impact on your life.

Learn More About EMDR Therapy

Boonah Relationship Counselling In Person

Relationship Counselling

With Relationship Counselling you can learn the skills you need for a relationship to flourish. Discover the natural stages in healthy relationships, debunk unhelpful myths, learn to communicate and rekindle passion.

Learn More About Couples Counselling

Meet Honni Hayton

Counsellor and EMDR Therapist

Honni Hayton Boonah Counsellor
Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

My passion is helping people live their best life!

I have been running my Private Counselling Practice in Boonah since 2006, helping people work through issues that are important to them. Now, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, I am able to offer my services to people all over Australia via online sessions.

I specialise in confidential counselling for women, helping them understand and overcome the challenges they face at work, at home and in relationships. My approach is holistic and draws on selected therapies that suit you as an individual.

I am also an accredited EMDR Therapist, offering sessions to reprocess past trauma and negative life events to give you a life free from past disturbances. Read more about how EMDR works here.

I have also developed a special program just for women who want to live a guilt-free life of purpose, freedom and happiness, called the Empowering You Program.

If you want to let go of past events that hold you back; fully understand your present situation; and practice strategies for the future you want for yourself, I can help. Please get in touch.

Talk soon, Honni

After I have spent some time with Honni, I always leave feeling better off. Her warm and inclusive manner, her wonderful listening skills and her depth of insight, encourage me in my personal journey every single time.

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