Can a Marriage Preparation Course Really Improve Your Relationship?

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Are you heading down the aisle soon? You are! That’s so great! I’m sure lovely memories will be made; an outpouring of support and love surrounding you both. Congratulations on your upcoming big day. Love is a gift to be cherished and appreciated every day. It’s important to remember that even during wonderful times, it’s a good idea to work on your relationship because you’ll both benefit in the long term. An ideal way of working on your relationship at this time is by participating in a Marriage Preparation Course.

Rest assured, doing a Marriage Preparation Course does not mean your relationship is in jeopardy or unhealthy. Even when your relationship is in a good place, participating in a Marriage Preparation Course is an excellent way to minimise things like miscommunication and conflicts. Marriage Preparation Courses also equip you with lifelong tools you’ll both use in future situations. They can provide you with knowledge and improve your relationship – yes even the good, healthy relationships too.

Completing a marriage preparation course provides tools to improve yourself, your marriage, and your life.

Reasons to Enrol in a Marriage Preparation Course

Question…Where did you learn about relationships, in particular how to have a healthy relationship? Was it in the family you grew up in? TV shows? Movies? If you think about it, we aren’t really taught about relationships, we just seem to pick up what we see along the way…and it’s not always the best information! That’s where a Marriage Preparation Course comes in. It teaches you all the skills you should have been taught but weren’t! It equips you wth the skills you need to make your relationship last.

In a Marriage Preparation Course you can make your relationship stronger by building a strong foundation and improving your connection. You can learn more about your partner and improve your communication with each other. You will also learn how to navigate stressors and conflict for future situations.

Marriage preparation courses open the door for self-growth, mutual respect, and learning new tools. You will be improving yourself for the joint benefit of your relationship. Learning healthy coping mechanisms and recognising healthy and unhealthy behaviours. Remember that you are forever growing. Not one person is perfect, and everyone can benefit from preparation courses.

1.Understand and Appreciate Each Other’s Differences

It’s no surprise that we are all different, and part of what attracted you to your partner is probably because they are different to you.  But these differences can also cause difficulties in the relationship. When you complete a marriage preparation course, you’ll learn to love each other for your differences and to find beauty in them. It is also important to discuss important topics where your ideas may vary… such as children, finances, intimacy, personalities, and compromises. Discussing these topics in your marriage preparation course makes sure you’re on the same page and can help manage major differences in future decisions.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

Making a marriage work in these modern times takes work and commitment and part of that mean having realistic expectations. A Marriage preparation course will discuss expectations you both have in regard to your future, your finances, even your sex life. You will have time to discuss a whole range of issues that you may not have discussed yet, helping your marriage to get off to the best start possible!

3. Improve Your Communication

How do you communicate as a couple? Do you really listen and hear what each other has to say? How to you negotiate conflict as a couple? Good communication is key to successful relationships, and a Marriage Preparation Course can help you work on these skills.  In a course you can take the time to learn how to respond in healthy ways, not be as reactive and handle conflict better. This is key to a lifelong happy marriage.

4.Invest in Your Relationship

Investing in your relationship will always be worth it. Personal and relationship growth is immeasurable. Gift yourself the chance to give your marriage the best start.
As you explore your options for your wedding day: flowers, venue, dresses, and food – don’t forget another important decision. Your marriage preparation course! It will be the best decision you’ll make, giving you the highest chance for a successful, happy marriage that lasts a lifetime.

If you would like to invest in your relationship, Honni Hayton Counselling offers fun, engaging Marriage Preparation Courses, helping couples prepare for a strong, loving, marriage that lasts a lifetime. There are three packages available to suit all couples. The course can be done completely online and offer the option of a DIY package or packages that include supportive Marriage Preparation Coaching sessions! You can read more about the Marriage Preparation Course HERE.



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