HHC Marriage Preparation Course

So you’re engaged! Congratulations!

Engagement really is an exciting time in your life! There is so much hope and expectation around the relationship and upcoming marriage. This time should certainly be enjoyed and celebrated.

Of course, after every wedding comes a marriage. And at the heart of every marriage there are two people in relationship. The success of your marriage is going to depend on how successfully you can negotiate the relationship.

You don’t want to be a divorce statistic.

You may have heard that in Australia, the divorce rate for first marriages is approximately 30%, with subsequent marriages having a divorce rate of 60%. These can be alarming statistics when you’re thinking of getting married. Of course, you don’t want to be a statistic!

I’m sure you know that divorce is a very painful part of life.  You may have friends and family who have experienced divorce, or you may have even been through it yourself. As a couple, you are getting married with the intention of staying together and you believe that as a couple you share enough love to do just that. But negotiating a long-term relationship takes more than love! It also takes many skills and resources and, sadly, most of us aren’t taught those skills at home, school or university.

You don’t want to end up like roommates either.

And I’m sure your goal, when getting married, isn’t just to “stay” married! You also want a long, happy, healthy marriage, where you enjoy being with your spouse for many years. Sadly, over time many couples lose their connection and passion and end up living like roommates, something I’m sure you want to avoid. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to achieve that long, happy marriage you hope for.

Research shows that healthy relationships share several key characteristics, all of which can be developed and nurtured by willing partners.


The HHC Marriage Preparation Course will help you explore these characteristics and show you how to develop and nurture them.

The HHC Marriage Preparation Course offers three different packages to suit all couples’ time and financial situations.

You want to make your marriage strong.

One of the aims in the HHC Marriage Preparation Course is to help you identify areas that are working well for you as a couple and areas that may need work. If your relationship is like most and needs some work, I will show you how by introducing the most important ideas, strategies and tools to help you make your relationship stronger.

You want to keep the passion alive.

In this course, I identify six dimensions of a relationship that are particularly important to consider when you are contemplating marriage: connection, vision, compatibility, communication, sex and intimacy, and finances. I have used these topics to structure the Course and there is a Module for each one. Each Module contains teaching material, activities, workbooks and – most importantly – questions to prompt your reflection and discussion as a couple.

You want a Personalised Course.

Completing the HHC Marriage Preparation Course is a sure-fire way to get your marriage off to the best start possible. Whatever you age, stage or marriage history, this course is designed for you. It’s no cookie cutter course! It is completely personalised to you as a couple. You will spend precious time together getting to know each other even better and planning for an exciting future together.

Investing in your marriage is the best investment you can make!


WHAT you get…

Engaged couple doing online marriage course

The HHC Marriage Preparation Course consists of:

Online course with 6 modules

Plus bonus module for 2nd and 3rd Marriages.

Flexible, self-paced learning program

Teaching material for each topic

“How Healthy is Your relationship” Quiz.

Couple quizzes to discover your personality types and love languages.

Reflection questions for each module

Downloadable handbook - can be printed or completed digitally

Personalised couple coaching sessions

These are included with the Emerald and Diamond Packages, and can be added to the Amethyst Package at any time.

Choose the package that suits you

The Emerald Package

Get your marriage off to the right start with the Emerald Package! This package is similar to the traditional marriage preparation session you may have heard about before.

It consists of a pre-marriage questionnaire and one couple coaching session.

In this package you will each complete a pre-marriage questionnaire, which consists of questions all couples should ask each other before tying the knot! You can then discuss your answers in the supportive environment of a couple coaching session. This will make the transition to married life so much easier, ensuring that as a couple you are both on the same page with things such as finances, in-laws and where to spend Christmas!

BONUS! With this package you will also both get to test your knowledge on “relationship myths” and then learn how to bust those myths!

For example, does your childhood affect your marriage? And does sex have anything or everything to do with a healthy marriage?

Upon completing the Emerald package, couples may upgrade to the Amethyst or Diamond Packages.

Emerald Package Inclusions:

  • HHC Marriage Preparation Questionnaire
  • 1 Coaching Session 
  • Option to upgrade to Amethyst or Diamond Packages


Marriage Preparation Questionnaire


1 Couple Coaching Session

The Amethyst Package

This Amethyst Package is for the couple who like DIY. It consists of the full online HHC Marriage Preparation Course, but does not include coaching sessions. The comprehensive online course will walk you through the six aspects of a successful marriage.

Each module has materials, workbooks, reflection questions and summary.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though the package is DIY, sessions with a Marriage Preparation Coach can be added at any time, giving couples flexibility.

The coaching sessions are completely personalised for you as a couple, and you can discuss any aspect of your relationship that you would like. These sessions can be scheduled anytime to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Amethyst Package Inclusions:

  • Access to the Full Online HHC Marriage Preparation Course
  • Marriage Preparation Course Handbook to Download or print
  • No Coaching Sessions included, but option to add at anytime


Full Online Course only

The Diamond Package

This package is the Rolls Royce of marriage preparation courses! Consisting of the full online course, plus 6 1-hour sessions with a Marriage Preparation Coach, it leaves no stone unturned to give your marriage the very best start.

The comprehensive online course consists of six modules covering the important aspects of a successful marriage. It also has the bonus module especially for those couples embarking on their 2nd or 3rd marriage.

Each module has materials, workbooks, reflection questions and summary.

The coaching sessions are completely personalised for the couple, and you can discuss any aspect of your relationship that you would like. These sessions can be scheduled anytime to fit in with your busy lifestyle. You can even schedule a couple of the sessions after the wedding to iron out any teething problems that might come up!

Diamond Package Inclusions:

  • Access to the Full Online HHC Marriage Preparation Course
  • Marriage Preparation Course Handbook to Download or print
  • 6 sessions with a Marriage Preparation Coach


Full Online Course


6 Couple Coaching Sessions

Read how other couples have benefitted from the HHC Marriage Preparation Course

Honni’s Marriage Preparation Course helped us to strengthen the foundations of the relationship that we had built. It helped us to gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and equipped us to accommodate these needs.

It was comforting to have an impartial third party to assist us with confronting our differences, enhancing our relationship’s strengths, and preparing us for both the challenges and rewards of married life.

From our experience, we believe that  a marriage preparation course is essential for any couple considering taking that next step.

We continue to use the skills we developed in sessions each and every day!

♥ Lisa (20) and Dale (20)

My Fiancee, Ken and I were really struggling with the ‘blended families’ situation, especially around my two stepsons aged 11 and 14 and we needed some guidance around parenting, as we were on different pages when it came to this particular issue.

We realised we needed some extra help, so we went to see Honni, and she assisted us with strategies and tools to work together so we achieved good outcomes. From time to time we often reflect on them so that we stay focused in dealing with the day to day challenges.

Thank you Honni your experience and knowledge help to guide us in a time where we needed professional assistance in dealing with our somewhat unique situation. We are forever grateful.

♥ Ken (53) and Karen (51)

Meet Honni & Tony Hayton

Honni Hayton is a registered counsellor who has worked with couples all over Australia to help them improve their relationships and find happiness together. She does this by helping them discuss and work through issues that trouble many relationships such as managing finances, parenting issues, sex and communication.

Honni especially enjoys helping couples prepare for marriage. Getting married is a big step in life and partaking in a marriage preparation course is one of the best ways to start married life on the right foot and achieve longevity in your relationship. That is why she developed the HHC Marriage Preparation Course. It’s a fun, engaging course that helps couples prepare for a strong, loving marriage that will last a lifetime.

When you enrol in the HHC Marriage Preparation Course, (Emerald & Diamond Packages) you have the support of Coach, Tony Hayton, to support you on your journey. Tony has been working with people for over 20 years. He has worked with people in all stages of life, from teenagers, couples, families to elderly people. His strengths are facilitating discussions and conversations, providing emotional support and being a trust worthy confident. He is excited to come on board with the HHC Marriage Preparation Course and helping new couples prepare for their marriage.

Tony and Honni have been married for 28 years and are the first to say they have learnt some very valuable lessons as they have negotiated their marriage together. Through the HHC Preparation Course and Couple Coaching Sessions, they look forward to helping you and your partner prepare for your marriage, equipping you with the tools for a long and happy marriage!

If you still have questions about which Marriage Preparation Course is right for you, you can contact Tony directly tony@honnihaytoncounselling.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions

Does completing a Marriage Preparation course really strengthen a marriage?

Studies reveal that premarital counselling is an effective tool to use as you begin your married life. Researchers have discovered that it is a helpful way to improve your communication and conflict management skills while increasing your overall relationship quality and satisfaction.

Couples who engage in premarital counselling have a more realistic view of marriage and a deeper level of commitment to each other. These couples reported having an easier adjustment to married life than those who didn’t participate in premarital counselling.

(Ref: psychologytoday.com)

What information is covered in the HHC Marriage Preparation Course?

The course covers 6 important aspects of a healthy relationship.

Connection – this module looks at what is a healthy relationship, and in particular how healthy your relationship is. It has a Relationship health Quiz that helps couple identify the areas of the relationship they are doing well in, and those that might need a little work.

Vision – this module is about getting the couple “on the same page” about different aspects of marriage. It’s an opportunity to discuss the expectations each person has of the marriage. There is also a quiz to see how many relationship Myths you can bust!

Compatibility – This module looks at the differences between the couple, and how to make the most of them. There are quizzes about determining your personality type and even your unique love language.

Communication – In this module you will determine if you and your fiancé are good listeners! You will also learn how to fight fair and how learning to communicate assertively is an important key to marriage longevity.

Sex and intimacy – In this module you’ll explore the difference between sex and intimacy and why that matters. You will also learn tips on how to improve your sex life and keep the passion alive for many years to come!

Finances – This module has a quiz which helps you and your fiancé discover your attitude to money, which may not sound very exciting but is very important in a ling term relationship. It also looks at how to set and achieve financial goals as a couple.

There is also a Bonus module for where specific, additional topics  are explored for couples embarking on Second & Third Marriages.

My partner and I love each other very much, isn’t that enough for a successful marriage?

Love is certainly an important ingredient for a long and happy marriage, but it just isn’t enough! Being in a long-term relationship takes commitment, vision, communication and other resources. Completing a Marriage Preparation Course is one of the best ways to help your marriage get the best start. It’s an investment in your future.

Is the HHC Marriage Preparation Course for younger or older couples

BOTH!  No matter how old you are, this course will help you prepare for your marriage. Couples young and old have gained new insights about themselves, their fiancé and their relationship with this course. And no matter how old you are…there is always something extra to learn.

How long is the HHC Marriage Preparation Course?

Life can get very busy, especially when you are planning a wedding, so the HHC Marriage Preparation Course is designed to be flexible and fit in with your lifestyle. The course consists of 6 modules, and the time the couple takes to complete the course is up to them. As a guide though, it is recommended a couple spend between a week and a fortnight on each module.  The couple coaching sessions help you stay focused and supported the whole time.

What makes the HHC Marriage Preparation Course different to all the others?

Traditionally, premarital counselling was predominately completed by couples when it was mandated for those marrying in the Catholic Church and were often short and uninteresting. The HHC Marriage Preparation Course is different. It has been developed for the modern couple and addresses the issues that modern day life presents to couples. It is also very comprehensive, covering the 6 main aspects of a healthy relationship.

The HHC Marriage Preparation Course is also unique because different options are offered to cater for different couples’ time and financial contraints:

Emerald – Envisioning Marriage Questionnaire and One couple coaching session (plus bonus quiz “Busting Relationship Myths”)

Amethyst -DIY Online Course (with the option of adding couple coaching sessions at any time)

Diamond –  Full online course PLUS 6 couple coaching sessions.

Regardless of which package you and your fiancé choose, rest assured, you will come away with a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner and equipped with the tools to prepare you for a long and happy relationship.

How do we know what Package to choose?

aThe HHC Marriage Preparation Course comes in three different packages to offer couples flexibility and options. Detailed descriptions of the packages are on this page. If, after reading them,  you are still unsure which package you would like to enrol in, please contact Honni or Tony.

Do you offer a payment plan?

If you pay for the Course with PayPal you can choose to pay with four interest free payments. 

Can I give the HHC Marriage Preparation Course to a Couple as a gift?

What a wonderful idea, and yes you can! The most flexible option would be to buy a gift voucher to the amount you would like to gift the happy couple and then they can choose the package that suits them. Extra couple coaching sessions can always be purchased as desired. Please contact Honni for more information about gift vouchers.

Is the HHC Marriage Preparation Course for couples getting married for 2nd or 3rd time?

YES, it sure is! As well as the standard 6 modules, there is a bonus module just for those who are embarking on their 2nd or 3rd marriage! Getting remarried brings extra issues and the course outlines the important questions to ask and things to consider!

What happens in the Couples Coaching Sessions?

 In the Couple Coaching Sessions, you will meet with our Marriage Prep Coach Tony Hayton. The  Sessions are personalised for you as a couple, so you can discuss the Modules you have completed in the course and anything else you want to discuss. The sessions are fun, engaging and designed to help you as a couple get to know each other better and equip you with the tools for a long lasting marriage. 



Marriage Preparation Questionnaire


1 Couple Coaching Session



Full Online Course only


Counselling Sessions Available



Full Online Course


6 Couple Coaching Sessions