5 Important Questions Every Couple Should Ask Before Getting Married

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Articles, Marriage Preparation

What if we told you there are 5 important questions every couple should ask before getting married? Have you and your partner asked them yet? Choosing who to marry is a big decision! That’s why it’s important that every couple has discussed issues that are imperative to building a strong, loving and long-lasting marriage!

Here are five important questions every couple should ask, before getting married:

1. Do you see yourself wanting to raise a family?

It is important to go into a marriage knowing exactly where your partner stands about raising a family. For example, do you want children? How many? How do you plan to handle the parenting of any existing children? To what extent are you both willing to pursue having a child? Are you open to adoption, fertility assistance, and more? As a result f discussing these questions, it will save confusion and heartache in the future.

2. How will you handle disagreements and challenges?

Whether or not you have encountered any significant disagreements up to this point, it is vital to discuss how you plan to communicate in these scenarios. For instance,  some people have a temper, while others shut down and go silent. There is not necessarily a universally correct answer, but being aware of communication styles is important.  Everyone handles stressful situations differently. The good thing is that you can learn to communicate more effectively as a couple.

3. What are your financial values?

Discuss how you plan to manage financial situations individually and as a couple. For example, it’s essential to determine to what extent you plan to merge finances, keep separate accounts, how you plan to handle savings, and whether one partner’s debt will become a team effort. Finally, reflect on your different spending preferences and habits and clarify your expectations.

4. How do you envision your lives ten years from now?

Building a strong and sustainable marriage requires a shared vision, shared goals, and support for each partner’s aspirations. Things to consider: Where do you see yourself living?  What is your your timeline for having a family? What are the implications of any career moves you plan to make, for instance?

5. How do you express and receive love?

At the core of every solid and lasting marriage is a commitment to love. It is vital to ensure that both partners feel loved and demonstrate their love in ways that meet each other’s needs. As part of our HHC Marriage Preparation Course, we administer love language tests to engaged couples to get a clear sense of their own needs and desires. This quiz is an excellent way to understand yourself, how you act in a romantic relationship, and how your partner expresses their needs and affection.

As well as these 5 Important Questions Every Couple Should Ask Before Getting Married, there are other things a couple can do to ensure their marriage is a success! At Honni Hayton Counselling, we offer a Marriage Preparation Course for couples thinking of getting married. It’s designed to help couples prepare for a long-lasting, successful marriage. Our course equips couples with an understanding of how their relationship is operating in the present and areas for improvement. We offer a DIY package, as well as personalised coaching sessions to help give you that extra support. For more information, please visit our page.

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