EMDR Therapy for Trauma – Georgia’s Story

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EMDR for Trauma

Find out how EMDR for trauma helped Georgia…

Georgia had been in a relationship with a man who continually put her down with criticism and name calling. His drinking had increased, and he had cheated on her several times. She had taken him back each time in the hope that this time he would treat her right and stay faithful. Then she found out she was pregnant.

Georgia’s partner didn’t want the baby and pressured her to have an abortion. When she refused, he kicked her out of their apartment, and she went to live with her parents again. After the baby was born her partner convinced her to go back to him and because she wanted her baby boy to have his dad in his life, she went back. The drinking, verbal abuse and cheating continued but Georgia stayed, always hoping it would improve. In fact, it got worse and one night he even brought another woman home to their bed and raged at Georgia when she protested.

Georgia came for counselling because she wanted a better life for her son but felt powerless to change her circumstances. She had been feeling worse and worse about herself and crying a lot. She felt ‘foggy in the brain’ and unable to think straight and confused by her mixed feelings for her partner – wanting to stay with him, even when he treated her so badly.

Trauma Storylines

What Georgia didn’t realise was that she had experienced trauma from being with her partner and suffering his verbal and emotional abuse for several years. Georgia remembered she had been enjoying her life and this had all changed soon after met him. The abuse had changed what she believed about herself: she had gone from being a confident and independent young woman to someone who was very unsure of herself and her future.

When we experience trauma, we subconsciously tell ourselves storylines which then influence how we do life. This can cause problems if the storylines are untrue. Because Georgia’s trauma storyline was ‘I’m worthless and hopeless’, she believed she had to put up with her partner’s behaviour. This is why she stayed in the relationship.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy helped Georgia processed the memories that had caused the trauma. After processing, her storyline gradually changed to ‘I’m worthy and strong’ and she started to believe that she didn’t have to put up with abuse. She found the strength and confidence to make healthy life choices for herself and her son.

Outcomes for Georgia

After EMDR, Georgia took control of her life and took steps to live the life she wants and knows she deserves. She moved out of the apartment she shared with her partner and began studying again to finish her teaching degree. Feeling proud of herself and generally much happier since the EMDR therapy, Georgia looks back with disbelief that she had put up with her ex-partner’s abuse for so long. She is now much wiser about the type of man she allows into her life.

If you are troubled by past trauma, EMDR may be able to help you. You can read more about EMDR HERE.  Or contact Honni Hayton Counselling for morehttps://honnihaytoncounselling.com.au/emdr-therapy/ information.

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