Holistic Counselling

Who I provide Holistic Counselling for:

I help women just like you, who are struggling to keep it all together; struggling with the Mental Load. The modern woman has so many demands on her life, she can end up feeling overwhelmed, isolated and alone.

What I help with:

I can help you overcome that stuck feeling by helping you work through issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Establishing Healthy boundaries
  • Co parenting
  • Work Life balance

My approach:

Utilising different approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused approach and EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing), I assist clients to live their best life. 

Practicing holistic self-care in five key areas of their lives is also important. I use a my ‘STEPS’ framework, where each aspect of self-care is clearly represented.

STEPS stands for Social, Thinking, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Self-care..

Social self-care is about the quality of your relationships, connection with others, family, friends, boss, co-workers etc.

Thinking self-care is about awareness of your thoughts and how they contribute to your psychological wellbeing.

Emotional self-care is about exploring your feelings and asking whether they indicate lack of balance in your life / what they show you about your life.

Physical self-care is about nurturing your body with appropriate food, sleep and exercise.

Spiritual self-care is about connecting to something bigger than yourself as you search for meaning in your life.

Supported by the STEPS self-care framework, my clients experience a level of emotional wellbeing and self-awareness that naturally pave the way for positive personal growth.

Holistic Counselling – Julie’s Story 

Julie felt her world was spiralling out of control. Running a successful catering business in Brisbane, Julie was able to put on a happy face at work, but was going home feeling exhausted and defeated. She went through a painful divorce three years ago and while her ex-husband seems to have moved on with a new young wife and family, Julie was feeling stuck.

Co-parent their three teenage children with her ex was also becoming an issue. The kids were playing the parents off against each other and the older ones were choosing to stay with their father even on Julie’s scheduled weekends, which was very painful for her.

For some time, Julie had been drinking more and more each night to numb her overwhelmingly negative feelings. She was also questioning her current relationship, wondering whether she was only in it to stop feeling lonely. No longer trusting herself, she was now questioning all her decisions to the point of feeling paralysed.

Read how Holistic Counselling helped Julie

Always leave feeling better

After I have spent some time with Honni, I always leave feeling better off. Her warm and inclusive manner, her wonderful listening skills and her depth of insight, encourage me in my personal journey every single time.


I come away thinking that there is hope

Honni has compassion and empathises with my situation, I always feel like she is on my side. She sees things which I don’t see and she gently shares with me in a way that makes sense and I come away thinking that there is hope, that situations can change, that I can change.