Relationships Counselling

Who I provide relationship Counselling for:

Let’s face it, relationships are hard work! That’s why I work with couples just like you, to help you improve your relationship. Whether you have been together 5 or 25 years, if the passion and friendship has faded, we can work together to rekindle it.  

What I help couples with:

  • Dispel relationship myths
  • Communicate effectively
  • Resolve conflict
  • Rekindle passion and intimacy
  • Appreciate their differences

My approach:

Seeking relationship counselling can be daunting, that’s why my sessions are personalised and relaxed.  Each couple begins with the couplecompleting a Relationship Health Check Up which identifies relationship strengths and areas a couple might need to work on. The sessions are then tailored for the couple to reach their goals.

This counselling service is available in person and online.


Relationships Counselling – Nathan and Zoe’s Story

Now in their early 40s, Nathan and Zoe have been married for 12 years. At first, they were best friends, sharing lots of experiences and travel and enjoying each other’s company. They shared an exciting and fulfilling sex life, which had all but disappeared. They felt they were drifting apart and becoming more like flatmates than husband and wife. They were also struggling to cooperate when it came to the care of their kids, four active boys under ten.

Nathan was depressed because the lack of sex felt like rejection. But the more he tried to initiate intimacy, the more Zoe pulled away, feeling he only wanted her for sex. Frequent arguments were followed by days of coldness between them. To avoid the conflict at home, Nathan was spending more time at work. Because this made Zoe feel abandoned and lonely, she had developed a close relationship with another man. Nathan wasn’t at all comfortable with this, even when Zoe assure him that it wasn’t a sexual relationship, so she didn’t feel she was being unfaithful.

Read how relationship counselling helped Nathan and Zoe

We felt instantly at ease

Honni’s warm nature made my husband and I feel instantly at ease. Having initially felt reluctant at the suggestion of counselling, I came to really look forward to our chats and we always left feeling so positive, motivated, and with the tools to help us further our journey in taking our relationship from ‘ok…’ to everything that we hoped it could be.

J.S. & M.S.


Honni has a mature understanding of life and its challenges, is friendly and professional. Honni is a great listener, who is able to put anyone at ease. She has a real interest in people, is non-judgmental and genuinely empathetic.

K.M. & T.M