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Women’s lives are busier than ever. Expected to excel in all your roles: at work and at home, as a parent, wife, sibling, daughter and friend, you’re also supposed to look great and keep fit. This can be exhausting.

Feelings like sadness, anxiety, fear and resentment are signs that your life may be out of balance.

Boundaries are Important

Like many women, you may need help to develop healthy work-life boundaries; support as you gain the confidence to say No; and time to understand that self-care isn’t selfish, but essential as you find your own voice.

I provide experience, understanding and a safe place for women like you. Our work together may include gently unpacking what’s going on for you; exploring what’s your responsibility and what’s not; identifying which aspects of your day-to-day aren’t life-giving; and understanding which messages from your childhood it’s now time to unlearn.

You Don’t Have To Struggle Alone

You’ll realise that you’re not alone. That it is possible for you to feel confident in your own skin, trust your instincts and make better decisions; that you can be free to be yourself; and that the fog does lift.

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For women whose work is in the home, raising children is a struggle at times. Parenting has never been so demanding and while every stage of a woman’s family life brings unique joys, there are real challenges too.

Modern Parenting is Tough!

The school years can be tough, and, despite its benefits, social media can add to the problems significantly. The need to negotiate the natural ups and down of a blended family is increasingly common.

Post school, children are staying in the family home for longer, leaving parents ­– particularly mothers – in unfamiliar territory. And whenever the children leave home, you may experience grief, guilt and a loss of purpose that can be hard to come to terms with.

Like many mothers, you may need help to understand and manage the grief – and other strong feelings – that are a natural part of moving from one stage of family life to the next.

Support Is Available

I offer experience, understanding and a safe place for women like you.

Our work together may include developing strategies to help you experience family life with greater wisdom, enjoyment and a more positive sense of self.

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There’s nothing more important than our relationships with loved ones. Yet we all know how difficult relationships can be, whether with a partner, spouse, family member or close friend.

It’s Never Too Late

Few of us have been taught the particular skills needed to maintain a healthy relationship; how to repair a relationship that’s damaged; and how we survive and then thrive after an important relationship has ended? The good news is, it’s never too late to learn.

I work with women, men and couples to help you improve your relationship.

Learn About Relationships

Our work together may include examining natural relationship stages and unhelpful relationship myths; developing effective communication strategies (like how to ‘fight fair’); setting comfortable boundaries; and learning to rekindle passion.

We may also identify patterns in your life that are not conducive to good relationships and develop strategies to change them.

It’s never too late to learn the skills you need to communicate well, negotiate conflict and develop a relationship where both of you can flourish.

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